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Polyvinylidene Fluoride - PVDF

Polyvinylidene fluoride – PVDF is a fluoropolymer.


PVDF has very good resistance to chemicals, good electrical and thermal properties, high toughness (even under very low temperatures), good mechanical properties (compared to PTFE) and high purity (it does not contain plasticizers, lubricants and flame-retardant additives). PVDF is insensitive to high energy UV rays. PVDF has high thermoforming resistance and it is physiologically neutral. It can be used in the food industry.


PVDF has the same advantages as PTFE, with lowest values, but its implementation is more difficult than PTFE.


PVDF is suitable for components in many areas : chemical equipment construction, electricity, semiconductors and food industry. This requires great resistance to chemicals even under high temperatures (seals, valve components and pump parts, membranes, housings, tanks, pipes, female ends and fittings, maintenance units for chemical devices construction).


PVDF is still very expansive.


PVDF exists in the form of plates :

- 2000x1000 mm, thickness 1 to 8 mm

- 3000x620 mm, thickness 8 to 60 mm

It also exists in the form of full snap rings, diameter 20 to 100 mm, length 3000mm.


Click on the data sheet : polyvinylidene-fluoride_104.pdf