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Polypropulenes Homopolymers - PPH

Polypropylenes are polyolefins.


Its good mechanical strength allows it to be an alternative to HDPE, it also has excellent bending fatigue properties, good temperature resistance, it doesn’t crack under load, has good thermal inertia and can be used in the food industry.


They are sensitive to UV rays, collage and forming are difficult (if not nearly impossible). High frequency welding is also difficult.


Extruded PPH exists in the form of plates :

- 2000x1000 mm, thickness 1 to 8 mm,

- 3000x1500 mm, thickness 8 to 60 mm.

Other thicknesses on request.

It also exists in the form of full snap rings, diameter 10 to 200 mm, length 3000 mm.


Click on the data sheet : polyolefins_95.pdf

Click on the data sheet : polypropylene_48.pdf