innovation development materials composites
Specialist in the machining of thermoplastics and thermosets

Generals Informations

IDMC offers a service of raw, cut materials, and machined parts made of composite materials.


Impregnation and pressing of glass fabrics, epoxy resin, polyester fabrics.

Kraft papers and cotton canvas with phenolic resin for bakelised paper and canvas.

Regarding the bakelised wood, beech leaves are the reinforcement of ligneous laminates. Vacuum impregnation enables the manufacturing of PERMALI. Atmosheric pressure impregnation in a bath of resin, allows to obtain LIGNACO. The phenolic resin deposit on the sheets with a gluing machine allows to manufacture LAMPIER, used as insulating blockings in oil transformers.


Handling and machining these products requires an expertise and suitable equipments for these material particles.