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Vinyl Polychloride - Rigid PVC

Vinyl Polychlorides – PVC are atactic polymers, therefore essentially amorphous.



PVC offers good rigidity, up to 70° Celsius, excellent dimensional stability and good chemical resistance. It is self-extinguishing and can be used in the food industry.


However, they are fragile at low temperature and sensitive to UV rays.


Click on the data sheet : extruded-rigid-pvc-grey_94.pdf


GREY PVC exists in the form of plates :

- 2000x1000 mm, thickness 1 to 60 mm

- 3000x1500 mm, thickness 1 to 60 mm

Other thicknesses on request.

It also exists in the form of full snap rings, diameter 10 to 200 mm, length 3000 mm

Higher thicknesses on request.