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Polyoxymethylene Copolymer - POM C

Polyoxymethylenes – POM (sometimes called polyacetal or polyformaldehyde) are highly crystalline polymers or copolymers.


POM have excellent mechanical properties : high modulus of elasticity, good fatigue strength, low friction factor even under dry conditions, good chemical stability especially to oils and lubricants and good dimensional stability.


Despite this, POM are sensitive to UV rays (essential protection), oxidizing acids, glue and paint.


Polyacetal copolymer – POM C, exists in natural (white) and in black, semi-finished product and profile made of polyacteal copolymer. The advantage of polyacetal is the ideal combinaison of mechanical strength, stiffness and toughness, because of the product structure. Because of its high cristallinity, POM C is stiffer and stronger than other thermoplastics, especially in the temperature range of 50 to 120° Celsius. POM C has high rigidity, hardness and excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures. It has very good deformation resistance under heat, high endurance and fatigue strength, low moisture absorption, positive electrical and dielectric behavior, good chemical resistance (examples : solvents, fuels, …), great dimensional stability, good sliding behavior, good elastic spring, no stress cracking and good machinability.


It was once used in areas reserved for metals. The smooth and hard surface, as well as the high crystallinity structure, make it possible to use it for functional parts requested for slip. Even during dry friction, only minimal wear is taken into account. Semi-finished POM C products can be machined by chip removal without any problem. The material can be machined economically on high-spped tool-machines with tools available in the market. That’s how it gets glossy surfaces.


Application fields : mechanical engineering, automotive industry, chemical equipment construction, precision mechanics industry, textile industry and hides and skins, food industry, electricity, building and furnishing industry, gear wheels, meter parts, control discs, rotors, bearings, sliding and spring elements, pump elements, valve bodies…


It exists in the form of plates :

2000X1000 mm, thickness 1 to 60 mm

3000x620 mm, thickness 8 to 100 mm

(higher thickness available on request)

It exists in the form of snap rings : diameter 6 to 300 mm, length 3000 mm

It exists in the form of tubes, only on request.


Click on the data sheet : polyacetal_90.pdf


25% glass fiber-loaded polyacetal copolymer, POM GF 25, exists only in black, contains 25% glass fibers and differs from POM C with its high rigidity and a higher elasticity coefficient. It has excellent fatigue strength and high creep resistance.


Availability on request.


Click on the data sheet : glass-fiber-loaded-pom-c_91.pdf


Polyacetal homopolymer, POM H is subject to systematic availability requests. Its chemical composition, regular structure and high crystallinity give to parts made out of it an outstanding physical property. Among the most remarkable properties : high mechanical strength and rigidity, wide dimensional stability, resistance to repeted blows, good wear resistance and sliding properties, low water absorption, great moisture, gas and solvents resistance. POM H has good electrical insulation properties.


POM H has higher rigidity, toughness, tensile strength and creep resistance than POM C. It has a limited resistance during prolonged use in steam or boiling water which restricts its use. POM H semi-finished products can be drilled, turned and milled as well as POM C products.


Applications fields : automotive industry, chemical equipment construction, precision mechanics industry, meter parts, sliding elements, gear wheels, control discs, rotors, bearings, pump parts, valve bodies, interlocking elements, coil bodies, bearing cages, clutch parts, pump bodies…


Click on the data sheet : natural-pomh_92.pdf